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We at LiefMed have two goals: provide a great quality product that has transformative effects on our users, and the second is to see people live their best lives. Most people only take their health seriously once they have an issue, but by the time a person realizes that there’s a problem, that particular ailment has most likely existed for years. At LiefMed, we believe that the best way for you to live your best life is to make your body and your health the most important thing in your life. That’s why we so heavily emphasize our Stay Active Campaign. We believe that through a combination of staying active, eating right, and using our products that you will experience the best version of yourself!

LiefMed is committed to providing the highest quality CBD you will ever find. A quality CBD product has attention focused on the quality of the ingredients, the manufacturing processes, absorption, purity proven through lab testing, and clear labeling to educate the user.

Whether you use a lotion, cream, liquid concentrate or any other CBD product, the ingredients used to develop that product matter. LiefMed has focused on including the highest quality ingredients for all of our products. Organic ingredients are always used when possible.

LiefMed CBD is derived from organic non-GMO hemp grown in the United States and we use only broad spectrum extract with high resin hemp plant (conforming to USDA Organic cultivation guidelines).

LiefMed utilizes MCT Oil as a carrier for maximum bio-availability. Medium-chain fatty acids are considered the best for use with CBD oils because their shorter structure allows them to be absorbed immediately through the digestive tract.

LiefMed selects cGMP standard manufacturers to produce our finished goods and extractions.
cGMP standards assure our products meet the standards that will be imposed by any regulatory body.

CBD is an oil. Our bodies are mostly water. Unfortunately CBD does not absorb well whether topically or internally ingested. So much of the CBD industry has invested in products that contain thousands of milligrams of CBD. As if adding more will make it absorb better. LiefMed takes a different approach. LiefMed has shown our Water-soluble CBD products have the highest efficacy in the industry. Water-soluble CBD greatly increases the absorption of CBD allowing for a lower potency concentration and safer product.

As a consumer, your first question should be “Can I see the lab test?” Lab testing is a third-party verification that the product is safe and contains what it says it does. Every LiefMed product includes a QR code linking you to all of our lab tests. LiefMed products are tested for the potency, terpenes and impurities such as heavy metals, microbiologicals, residual solvents, and pesticides.

LiefMed packaging allows our users to find most of what they need to know, with links to more information. Our packaging will always include the manufacturing date, expiration date, LiefMed contact information, proper dosing and use, warnings and disclaimers, ingredients, weights, and more.

All LiefMed first-time orders are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return it within 30 days.

LiefMed takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. LiefMed donates 5% of its prots to charity. These charities may include but are not limited to Paw Works, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club and more.

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